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Sch-Rel Desire Fashion Brand is for the Ladies who find pleasure in standing out from the Rest of the Crowd. Sch-Rel Desire, a designer from Philadelphia with a passion for Art and Life, was inspired by dressing women who were stylish and unique with ambition and a touch of class. Sch-Rel started her journey as a businesswoman in 2007 while studying Business Administration in college.


Within the following year, she created a blog to document her inspiration and journey as a fashionable entrepreneur. Although she had plans on opening a beauty boutique for women, she found her success at selling jewelry and accessories freelancing thru the tri-state area. With found success, Sch-Rel was not fulfilled so she soon pursued her talent in designing which then motivated her to enroll in sewing and beading classes.


In 2010, Sch-Rel began to test out the industry by introducing one of the kind designs to her market and received immediate positive feedback. This inspired Sch-Rel to create unique jewelry out of fabric which in result produced her first collection, appropriately named the “Fabrix” collection. She created this line by hand sewing and hand beading animal print, sequin, and ethnic print fabrics into earrings. The unique pieces caught the eye of many buyers and also established her signature as a designer.


In 2017, Sch-Rel created The Fabulous Formation to empower women to embrace their individuality and confidence. She created ways to engage with her market by live streaming on social media, blogging, and going on The Fabulous Trunk Show Tour. Sch-Rel is all about not only looking the part but also living the part which encouraged her to write her very first ebook “The Guide To Stay Fabulous Vol 1”.


As a business woman, Sch-Rel is passionate about offering Statement Fashion for the Fabulous. She is driven by art, individuality, creativity, ambition, and innovation. One of her favorite quotes is “Discipline and Desire Determines Destiny” and her destiny is empowering people to live and look Fabulous. She aspires to inspire other inner-city youth to pursue their dreams and perfect their natural born talents with hard work and dedication.


SDesirebrand is a brand that empower women to stay fabulous in all areas in their life! A brand all about slay sisterhood and creating slay moments by embracing your individuality & confidence. SDesirebrand is known for its infusion of fashion, beauty, & lifestyle.



 The Fabulous Formation

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