The Fabulous Formation

#THEFABULOUSFORMATION is a community of queens who wear their crowns loud and proud, they are faced with adversity but through mental, spiritual, and physical growth they beat any trials and tribulations that are thrown their way in style. When creating the brand, another goal was to always engage with my market by bringing some value and purpose. Women not only want to look fabulous but they also want to feel and live Fabulous. Creating The Fabulous Formation was a way to develop a sister hood vibe for like minded women.

After starting The Fabulous Trunk Show tour, women who were attending or that I was collaborating with all wanted the same and that was to network and grow personally and/or professionally. We would sip cocktails and converse about our ambition, fashion & style, and lifestyle which also in return motivated me to write my very first ebook,"THE GUIDE TO STAY FABULOUS vol 1".

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