How to Embrace the Struggle

Real life struggles help you transcend to another level in life! Climbing the mountain is never easy but making it to the top is always celebrated. I took a poll on Instastory asking how 2018 has treated you ladies and 87% voted for "Struggle". The transparency was amazing and it really exposed how common it is to have hardship. We live in a society where on social media most are celebrating but in real life people are living real life trials and tribulations. When I created #THEFABULOUSFORMATION, I know for a fact that there are smart, strong, fabulous women but they too have to get over the hump and push thru. 2018 has been a challenge but I am embracing it because I know it is contributing to my growth. Look at the struggle as it is building character and setting you up for something new and exciting. If life was consistently perfect how would you gain strength and wisdom? How could you out do yourself if you become complacent?

I embrace the struggle and the times when things just seem like its not making sense because that is the universe helping me figure out my the puzzle ultimately to my prize. There is no reward without some sort of challenge. Embrace It!!!