Beauty Slay

Being Fabulous is a total package but the fashion look is not complete if the beauty is not slayed. Your beauty is a combination of skincare, makeup, and hair. When you are styling your outfit for the day and evening a true fabulous woman always incorporate her beauty. We all want to have healthy skin so our diet is very important and the quality of products we use daily. Makeup is key in completing a look which also include brows and lashes.

I will be having a Special Fabulous Guest, Aneesah, Licensed Esthetician, from Queen Eyes Company located at 1508 West Seybert St in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania live during Cocktails & Convo to discuss some tips and techniques to slay that beauty. Join us and share with Fabulous Friends & Family, Fabulous Friday 12.7 ,on Instagram live @SDesirebrand, and don't forget your cocktail.


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