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From Frumpy To Fabulous

So, as many hats that I have to wear in business, creative director gives me the most joy. I am a natural creative, so I wanted to show ladies how our Luxury Loungewear will give you a transformation like no other. I wanted to reenact a woman who forgot about pouring into herself, but then got into Fabulous Formation.

I created a quick Reel on Instagram, and it totally took off way more than I expected. Honestly, with the saturation of social media, I just was happy with 100 people enjoying it, but this was the very first viral post with over 5k views and growing.

The brand is all about empowering women to stay fabulous and embracing their confidence. Sometimes we may lose ourselves during the events of life but what's beautiful is always having the opportunity to reinvent yourself and Find Your Fabulous.

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