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SelfCare Sundays

SelfCare Sundays for the Fabulous! In order to Stay Fabulous, you have to invest time on your self care and prepping yourself for the week ahead. A time management tip is to focus the morning or early afternoon for any house task like cleaning, cooking (meal prep), errands, etc. This sets your evening free to do as you please. If you have children that are old enough to reason with, explain to them of this schedule so that they can allow you to allocate time to yourself whether it is for a hour or 5 hours. This time is imperative to your physical and mental health.

SelfCare Ideas

  • Hot Bath Moments (candles, wine, bath soaks, etc.)

  • Groom Session

  • Book Reading

  • Meditation

  • Sip Session

  • Walk Outside

  • Movie Night

  • Play Dress Up to music (Try on outfits, create fashion flatlays, closet purge)

  • Call a good friend for girl talk therapy

  • ❤️ DateNightCap (Get smitten with that special person)

Will you be spending time on selfcare on Sundays? Tag @SDesirebrand on Instagram with your selfcare post and hashtag #TheFabulousFormation.

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