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Then Vs Now

I remember right after high school I started sketching designs for plus size women because I hated how bad plus size clothes looked and I wanted to make women feel fabulous. As soon as my mom found out, she brought me a used sewing machine and left in my room for me to figure out. I attempted to use it a few times and then doubted myself and said “this is stupid! You don’t know anybody who is making clothes your age, this is a joke.” So I put my idea on the back burner and got a job at a bank and went to community college.

Then fast forward to 2007, I randomly got an idea to open up my own boutique. Again, I didn’t know anyone 21 years old with a business, all I knew is I wanted to make women feel fabulous and I wanted them to be able to find what they needed from me. I’ve always been a creative into beauty & fashion plus I’m a girls girl, so I thought I had what it took to do it. My dad encouraged me to start small out of his house and I did.

So I met a hustler one day who sold books outside of a hood bar in Philly and I was so inspired by his motivation and confidence to sell books during the night to bar goers. I sparked a conversation about what I wanted to do so he promised to show me NYC so I can find fashion pieces to start my business.

After a couple trips to NYC on the Chinese bus with him, I learned it myself and started to go weekly by myself to learn the spots that offered wholesale. Soon Sch-Rel’s Beauty Boutique was born.

I started to promote my pieces on MySpace and sparked some attention and then in 2009 with the support of my girlfriends, I started offering private jewelry house parties. Who knew women loved to sip and shop 😂😂!!

I love that I have these old pictures to remind me how far I’ve come and how far I can go, but I must keep pushing. Yes, it gets hard because in a social media era where everything is saturated and sometimes I feel like I’m not being seen. What I can say is, the mission has always been the same. I just want to make women feel fabulous. So with that goal in mind, I’m more than qualified for this journey and success is inevitable because I do this from the muscle 🏋🏾‍♀️

Whatever you want to accomplish, remember whatever you speak and think has power. So be very intentional on making sure you truly believe in yourself because the journey to success can be rough.

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