Introducing Sch-Rel Desire, A Philly Girl with a Purpose! Back in 2007, Sch-Rel embarked on a journey into the world of fashion, driven by her desire to empower women. Fashion became the vesel through which she could fulfill her purpose. Locally, she expanded her fashion boutique business by offering exclusive private shopping experiences, hosting girl’s night shopping parties, and taking her curated collection on the road with traveling trunk shows.

Fast forward to 2013, while juggling a full-time role as a technical analyst in the corporate world and a part-time bartending gig, she officially launched  www.Sch-RelDesire.com fashion brand. Here, she delved into her passion for fashion design, giving birth to her distinctive line of designer statement jewelry and accessories.

In 2017, Sch-Rel introduced the "Cocktails & Convo" Instagram live segment on "Fabulous Friday's". This innovative concept blended her mixology skills with a virtual girls' night theme, organically connecting with her audience. The segment not only served as a marketing platform for her brand but also fostered a slay sisterhood among her community, aptly named The Fabulous Formation.

The year 2020 brought unprecedented challenges as Sch-Rel lost both her corporate job and bartending gig within a span of four months, compounded by the global pandemic. Undeterred, she reevaluated her brand strategy. Adapting to the new normal of Covid-19, she shifted gears, venturing into the design of luxury loungewear and leisurewear. This strategic move aimed to empower women to slay at home and indulge in self-care during these challenging times, giving rise to the birth of the luxury loungewear lifestyle brand, SDesirebrand.

SDesirebrand is not just a brand; it's a celebration of confidence and femininity. The collection features lifestyle and transitional loungewear essentials suitable for at-home wear, vacations, or day-to-night outings. Luxurious satin robes redefine home lounging, slay essentials accessorize and elevate looks, and sip essentials ensure women sip pretty whether at home or on the go. The use of bright colors and exclusive prints in the products were intentionally curated to evoke a dopamine response and keep women vibrating on a high frequency, allowing them to evolve. 

Sch-Rel is a passionate advocate for empowering women to remain fabulous, fierce, and fearless. Her message resonates, encouraging women to consistently invest in themselves and embrace their uniqueness. Her commitment to inspiring women to elevate and prioritize personal self-evolution is what sets the brand apart from others. In a world that demands much, she reminds women that self-love and self-care are not only acceptable but essential. Sch-Rel's vision is to inspire women globally to lead an abundant life of luxury, shaped by their own rules.

                                                                                     The Brand

Sdesirebrand epitomizes a realm of opulent loungewear, dedicated to empowering women to curate transformative lifestyle moments that aides in their elevation. Our high quality crafted luxury loungewear is a testament to embracing their innate fabulousness, femininity, fostering self-care, and inspiring self-evolution. Step into a world where we sip, slay, & luxuriate in style & comfort. Let every design reflect the fabulous essence of your unique self in your sanctuary.